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At least 3,000 in Melbourne yesterday standing up to the scandous pro-Israel stance of our government, and in solidarity with the heroes of Palestine.

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Making a Homemade Flower Press Without the Hardware Store

By Dawn Combs
A plant press will allow a budding naturalist to preserve plant specimens in a more permanent way. Keeping a library of dried plant material connects us with the earliest botanists and medicine makers. When I first started I used phone books and old magazines stacked between heavy encyclopedias. This is a great way to work in a pinch, but invariably I lost track of which books held my latest collection and they were easily damaged or forgotten. I had in mind a plant press that James Green describes in his Herbal Medicine-Maker’s Handbook, A Home Manual, but making it required a trip to the hardware store… insert my previous comments on lack of time here…. [Find out how!]